Home Owner Association Business


During the course of the year the WCMA conducts the business of the community. Through an elected group of directors, decisions are made and funds are distributed to ensure the community is safe, maintained and that property values remain high.

Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the community clubhouse and homeowners wishing to appear before the board are asked to contact Al Long ( ) for an appointment. The March, June and September general meetings for all board members and HOA members (all homeowners) are held on the 4th Tuesday. No appointment is necessary to attend this meeting and the board invites all homeowners to attend to discuss community affairs and events.

The HOA is also responsible for ensuring that all architectural changes done to the residence is in accordance to the HOA architectural guidelines. You received this document upon moving into the community. You may download an ACC application here. For other important documents, please visit our Resources page.



Contact Information All questions or information regarding Deed Restriction, violation letters, your annual maintenance dues or Architectural Approval of any type must be requested and obtained in writing from:



Winchester Country Maintenance Association
C/O First Service Residential
5295 Hollister Road
Houston, TX 77040
Office: 713.932.1122
Fax: 1.888.569.1155